The alarm didn’t go off so we woke up 5 minutes before Mark had to leave for work. This never happens. Although now we can no longer say that.

Zen is fighting a cold so our sleep has been disrupted with snorting, snoring, and snotting. We are tired.

“Great another day with no food” My husband grumbles as he gets ready for a quick shave.

We are low on food and although we still have a bit of money from our budget it isn’t a lot so I am making everyone eat what we have in the pantry and freezer before I splurge on a trip to the store.

We normally don’t cut it quite this close in our budget but we had an unexpected expense we hadn’t accounted for; swim team suits, shirts, and caps. If I had been better prepared I would have successfully budgeted that money from 2 different paychecks instead of one. Anyway…

I run upstairs, without my glasses on and no contacts in, I am not blind without these, but everything is blurred and I have to squint a bit.

I throw random food into a shopping bag; gluten free crackers, granola bar, fruit bar, random frozen soft pretzel (score!), poptarts (a random and gross leftover from one of Bug’s camp-outs with the scouts).

“Well it isn’t much but I threw some things in this bag for you.”
I can’t remember what his exact reply was, but I am pretty sure it was, “Ah! You rock! You are the best, most sensational, astounding, awesome, fantastic wife ever. I pity all who can’t be married to you.”
Of course it may have just been “Thanks” but I can’t be sure. 😉

Mark kisses everyone, says good bye, and heads out. I pop in my contacts, brush my teeth and head back upstairs to make coffee.



I woke up, like I do every morning of late, to the sun deceptively suggesting it is later than it really is. It is 6:30. Darn it. I had a whole half hour left of precious sleep. Deep sigh. I really can’t complain though because I love the warm golden glow of sunshine bliss on my face. I very carefully roll out of bed, holding my breathe, knowing that if Zen feels the lack of my presence he will wake with a huge grin and an exuberant “Hiya!” I love how he wakes but I also love the deafening silence of a house full of sleep. I strategically move the pillows so they aren’t too close to him to be a hazard but close enough to allude to my (false) presence. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I head to the bathroom. It is chilly; 60 degrees with a breeze coming in through the windows. I toss on my robe and tie it snugly. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I walk by the couch. Sunny Day lifts her head and immediately plops it back down with a “thump” and goes back to sleep. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I head into the kitchen. I open the copper canister and I am enveloped in the blissfully-bitter smell of coffee grounds. Deep breath. Ahhhhh. The morning peace is so thick I can almost see it. I love these brief moments I manage to stealthily snatch when the sun deceives my internal clock.

I finish scooping the coffee, flip the switch to on, and wait impatiently for it to brew. Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle. I head over to the kitchen windows and look out. The morning stillness is tranquil. Deep breath. The smell of fresh morning is intoxicating; sweet, clean, and cool.



Morning coffee

The coffee is ready. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I head over to the cabinet to grab one of the 3 lucky coffee mugs that are not packed away in a dark storage chamber waiting to one day be used again. These mugs were carefully chosen to stay unpacked. They are my favorites. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. The steaming pot of fresh brewed energy beckons me. I pour the dark brown liquid into my mug. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I head to The Chair. As I sit I can’t help but wonder how long I will be allowed to relish the deep peace of morning….

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.