Rain Shower Blessing

The kids played in the rain today (Tuesday May 13, 2014). This is the stuff childhood memories are made of.

I remember playing in the rain. The entire neighborhood would come out and we would jump in the fantastic puddles our poorly drained street would get. I swear I could nearly swim in those knee-high puddles. I insist this is not some poorly recollected exaggeration. My childhood town used to have flooded streets all the time. They have since improved the drainage. I feel bad for modern children in that town because they will never know the pure joy of swimming in street puddles.

I remember one time we were running around the house in the rain and I stepped on a snake. It was a stupid garter snake but it felt nasty under my feet. It was so unexpected. My brother killed that snake. I think it was his way of protecting me.

In college there was an insane rainfall. The streets turned to rapids and the soccer field and parking lots flooded. The water was halfway up the cars. I lost my flip flops crossing the street-rapids. The force of the water literally pulled them off my feet.  Mark remembers standing at the window of his job and watching me chase my shoes down the street. To this day he laughs quite a lot at my expense. I can’t help but laugh also. I must have looked quite ridiculous. I should of just let the shoes wash down into the Hudson River.

I am watching my children as they are running and sliding. Splashing and jumping. They are soaked and muddy. Sadly the puddles here aren’t nearly as epic as the ones from my childhood but they don’t know this and they are quite pleased to be playing in the rain. Their laughter is joyous and heartwarming against the chill of this spring rain. I can’t help but laugh along with them as I stand under my multi-colored striped umbrella. This is a rain shower blessing.



Bug and Princess playing tag in the rain


C-Dog and Elf splashing in a mud puddle

Happy Valentine’s Day Mama!!

I woke up to the kids making Valentine breakfast. So sweet!

Now before you get jealous and filled with the urge to punch me because I live such a lovely life with amazingly considerate children get the pretty image out of your head and instead insert this:

C-Dog yelling at Elf “You can’t help! You are ALLERGIC!!!”
Elf crying hysterically “But I helped with Mother’s Day! I want to help! Let me help! (pause) Daaaaaaaadddddyyyyyy!”
The kitchen counter tops had mysteriously disappeared under everything imaginable. Bug was crying because no one gave him a Valentine (they made Valentine’s and put them under each other’s pillows). This wasn’t exactly true but we like to jump to assumptions in this house and over-react before realizing we are wrong. Sigh…

Best of all was the coffee grounds. They were EVERYWHERE! C-Dog forgot the filter and grounds for a 10-cup pot were everywhere; the side of the fridge, cabinets, counter, floor, the water well of the coffee maker…..  
It all ended with cayenne pepper in poor C-Dog’s eyes. Can you say ouch! I am still not sure how I managed to keep my cool.
I very calmly cleaned the coffee grounds and water and gently showed C-Dog the correct way to make coffee. I helped crack all the eggs for the omelets he wanted to make….I put in a lot of effort considering it was supposed to be a gift for me. Mark whispered into my ear “You are such a good Mama.” Melt my heart.
Mark helped get the burning pepper out of C-Dog’s eyes. In the end everyone was happy. Elf got to pour the OJ, which went all over the freshly wiped counters (sigh). Bug got his Valentine. We got our breakfast. 
It was so hectic I can’t even remember what Princess and Zen were doing! 

Of course it is also snowing…thanks for the slap in the face Mother Nature. I am thinking she needs some Rescue Remedy. Meh.

I hope your Valentine’s Day started smoother than mine. Enjoy your day. I leave you with this gentle reminder from my wise godmother whom I adore.
“I so miss my babies. Believe me- ENJOY every moment. I wish more people told me to stop and treasure it, I did and we have so many wonderful memories and traditions. When they are all waking up not under your roof for more than 1 night, you will look back and tear up as well!” ~RD

Her girls, my cousins, are in college. I babysat them! I can’t imagine the time when my kids will not be sleeping under my roof every night, but it is going to happen and it will be here before I realize it. I am going to take today and treasure it even if it wasn’t the picture perfect Valentine’s Day. Below are some pictures from today….this was AFTER I cleaned a bit! Image
Counter? What counter?


Mmmmm! Burnt egg on the stove! 
They left the table for me to clean. I love them, I really do!