Java Momma: Coffee Direct Sales

My friend posted that she joined a coffee direct sales company. So I said, “A coffee direct sales company? Did I just enter paradise?? I mean, for real, I need to be a part of this.” So she hooked me up.

Can you believe this??? I know how exciting this is for ME so I just had to share it with my friends who also went nuts for the idea!
We are all die-hard fans of coffee and many of us are devoted to specific companies (Mmmmm Dunks please! — I’m a MA girl through and through). However, this adds a whole new aspect to our coffee obsessed ways because this is one of the first ever direct sales companies focused on coffee!


If you aren’t 100% sure how direct sales runs, let  me fill you in …
You are the CEO of your company. You decide how to grow and run your business. Easy peasy. Options for running your business include vendor events, farmer’s markets, Facebook parties, in home parties … or whatever other creative thing you can think of!
You can also be what we lovingly call a kitnapper, sign up and enjoy discounted coffee! That is what several of my friends are doing!

What makes Java Momma different is you are getting in on the ground floor! The launch in October 1! As a special intro offer you can sign up for *JUST* $5!!! This last only until the October 1 launch, so act now before kit costs go up!

22104629_10214764533253138_1399843655243427527_o (1)

So what does $5 get you? You become a Java Momma consultant and receive 6 premium sample bags of Java Momma coffee! Plus you will get a FREE website once P&P is signed after the launch!

There are also 2 other starter kit options if you want more.

*Option 1 The Cafe Express: $55 (plus tax and shipping)
If you would love to do in-home parties and tastings, this kit is the one for you! It includes:
1 Double Wall Insulated Carafe
1 French Press
Coffee Scoop
Sample Cups
Bag Clips
3 lbs of coffee in a variety of flavors

*Option 2 The Caffeinator: $105 (plus tax and shipping)
If you are plan on focusing on vendor events, farmers markets, and retail stores then you want this kit. It includes:
2 Double Wall Insulated Carafes
1 French Press
Coffee Scoop
Sample Cups
Bag Clips
6-8 lbs of coffee in a variety of flavors

**You will have access to purchase any coffee at the 20% discount price. You also have the option to upgrade from the $5 kit to any of the larger kits within 30 days of the launch.

Java Momma Kits

OK, now for nittyy-gritty details:

Commission is 20% from each sale. You have access to purchase the coffee at a 20% discount price.

There is a 3-tiered bonus structure for those who want to grow a team.

You get your very own replicated website. This is FREE! No monthly charge!

To stay active, you must have a minimum of 1 purchase every 3 months. That’s it! This is a VERY low expectation and totally doable! Java Momma wants us to succeed in however we want our business to grow (or not grow).
What kinds of coffee does Java Momma offer??

There several grind varieties to choose from; Whole Bean, Auto-Drip, French Press, and Espresso Ground. K-Cups will be coming very soon and until they do use a reusable one!

Love subscription boxes? Java Momma has that option also and you get to pick the timeline for delivery!

Java Momma can be a complimentary direct sales company to your primary one (this is what I am doing). This will be great for in-home pop-ups, open houses, events, and more! I am excited to offer a coffee bar with my primary business parties!


Want to learn more about Java Momma?

Be sure to connect with ME (comment or email) to find out more information or if you have questions. Thanks!


Something of Value

My husband hung 2 white shelves in my kitchen for me. They are the type of shelf meant for decorations. They look perfect.

The night he hung them we were all in bed and suddenly an enormous crash woke us up. My husband and I went flying down the stairs to see, in utter dismay, one of the shelves fell. The anchors were still in the wall, but the shelf managed to fall and everything on it crashed to the floor. Oddly, the decorative sugar bowl didn’t shatter. Neither did the clay bird my 15 year old made in kindergarten. The mold of the 7 year old’s hand broke a little; the base and one finger. The finger I can glue back on. Everything else shattered.

22047792_10214724055761226_8924057357340114179_o (1)

The upper shelf fell at 1:30 AM. A part of me wishes I had taken a picture of the epic mess it made. 

Someone mentioned to me how sorry they were that all my stuff broke. What I found interesting was that I wasn’t sorry at all.

Back track 4 years ago, I would have been so upset had this happened. I love elephants and one off the items that shattered was my little black elephant statue. The teapot my mom sent also shattered, as did the heart I made in Bible Study. I would emotionally attach myself to objects all the time. Why? Why did I have this attachment? I think it was a learned behavior. We are taught to put extra value on items that can reference any memory, emotion, or family history. However, none of these objects, aside from the heart, really had a meaningful story behind it. The story behind the heart is one I can simply pass down to my children, no object needed.

So what changed in the last 4 years? Why am I suddenly able to emotionally separate myself from objects I was once attached to? I think it was an evolution really. Over the last 4 years I dealt with so many unknowns, inconsistencies, changes, and more. I learned nothing is permanent or reliable no matter how hard you try to keep things “as is.” It took 4 years to learn this lesson and the comment from one person to realize I learned it.

So what does it mean? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Frankly, I don’t think it is falls into either category. I think it is great to have sentimental attachments, but to a degree. We can’t attach ourselves to every little thing in our lives. We become obsessed.

I also think it is unhealthy to have zero attachment anything at all. We are humans and we are made to have feelings. That is one of the major distinctions between us and animals; and even then some species are closing that gap. But I digress …

22048127_10214742139413306_8556567466095546071_o (1)

Some things help you remember moments more clearly; helping to to treasure the important aspects of life. 

Back to my shelf … Bummer the teapot, elephant, and heart broke, but it is OK. They are just stuff. However, had the hand or bird been shattered, I know there would have been tears. Why? Because, God forbid anything to happen to one of my children, these precious pieces of art that they hand made transport me to the time they made them. Their joy at showing me their amazing creations. Knowing their hands carefully crafted the items. I can see the pudgy kindergarten hands of my now 15 year old. I can see the sparkle of excitement in the eyes of the 7 year old. I remember odd things, like what they were wearing, and these objects help my brain to keep those memories fresh and focused. Sometimes we NEED the physical reminder so we don’t forget.

I understand this post is mostly babble to you and that is OK. I am realizing what things really matter in life because not everything can hold value, but I am also learning it is OK to have attachment to some things.


Bright Young Thang

I swear I am not trying to be cutesy with that title. It is actually the name of an amazing face wash I recently bought from Perfectly Posh. It is from their new fall/winter line.

I am totally loving this wash. Usually I like a good exfoliating face wash, but the silkiness of Bright Young Thang feels so amazing on my skin, I can’t help but love it. It is part of the Perfectly Posh Look Natural line, which means it is vegan, dye free, and free of parabans, sulfates, and other nasty chemicals. These facts are a big reason I started using Posh. Bright Young Thang is perfect for all skin types, so if you have skin, keep reading!

Bright Young Thang

Bright Young Thang non-exfoliating face wash, perfect for all skin types. Leaves you feeling radiant!

When I first opened the tube I smelled the product. It has a nice light citrus scent; a perfect pick-me-up in your morning routine. A pea-sized dollop is all that is needed! There isn’t a lather, which is fine with me (I’m less likely to get anything in my eyes this way), but rather a creaminess as you wash your face in the tried and true upward circular motion. It effectively removed all my make-up on a “full-face” day. It left my skin feeling pleasantly taut. When I looked in the mirror I definitely looked more fresh-faced and glowy (yup, totally making up words here).

What makes Bright Young Thang so stellar? It is in the ingredients. Let me touch on the top 3.

1) Macadamia oil: This is a light weight oil that has a non-greasy feel. The chemical profile is similar to human sebum (this is what keeps the skin’s surface soft). It is full of fatty acids (I will get into each one below), making it perfect for dry or mature skin (ahem, I may happen to fall into that last category now that I am 40). Macadamia oil also has phytosterols. These are the building blocks of our cellular membrane. They protect, calm, and heal your skin and reduce inflammation. I am all about that!

OK so I mentioned macadamia oil has fatty acids. Did you know there are all kinds of fatty acids and each one does something different? Yup, it’s true!
These are some of the ones you will find in macadamia oil:

*Palmitoleic acid: delays the premature aging of skin, discourages wrinkles from forming, and helps keep your skin taut; making it perfect for mature skin.
*Oleic acid: provides great moisture and has regenerating properties.
*Linoleic acid: keeps skin hydrated by helping prevent trans-epidermal water loss (that is basically water loss between skin layers).

2) Ginseng root: Ginseng revitalizes, tones, and stimulates (I’m already sold!). It has a reputation for being a strong anti-aging skin care treatment because it is loaded with phytonutrients (this plant compound protects plants and works in us also! Yay phytonutrients!). Ginseng can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, firm and tighten your skin, and balance your natural oils; making it perfect for all skin types! Ginseng can brighten skin tone because it absorbs into the skin very quickly thus improving circulation (this is what causes the brightening). This improved circulation can also reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness (yeah, I need this … and more sleep).

3) Caffeine: I love skin care products with caffeine. Seriously, I am addicted to them! The caffeine has a tightening effect that I L-O-V-E! Caffeine is an antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for causing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. If antioxidants fight these and caffeine has antioxidants, … Yeah, I am pretty sure caffeine is the soul mate to my skin.
Caffeine also has anti-inflammatory properties; thereby reducing inflammation and redness in your skin and even vanquishing dark circles. Hellooooo even skin tone! Good-bye dark circles!
Did you know that caffeine can also minimize the appearance of cellulite? This is because it dehydrates fatty cells. Water disappearing creates smoother skin! Boom!


So basically caffeine can reduce the appearance of age, redness, dark circles, cellulite, and create an amazing tightening effect for younger looking skin. It is like the Fountain of Youth (or maybe an ingredient in it?). How can you not love caffeine in your skin care products?


So how does Bright Young Thang rank in my skin care regime? It is now my morning wash; the perfect pick-me-up. PLEEEEEASE tell me you wash your face when you wake even of you washed it before bed. Did you know you sweat and drool and who knows what else while you sleep??? It’s true! Wash your face when you wake! Not doing so is just plain icky so make sure it is part of your routine!

Happy Poshing!

*Perfectly Posh has made no claims as to the anti-aging performance of this product. I researched ingredients and learned how they best benefit your skin. Perfectly Posh creates fabulous skin care and is simply meant to pamper you skin.

**If you want to know more about Perfectly Posh and why it is so amazing, drop me a comment or find me on Facebook; just search Purposefullyposh.