A Surprise Gift

Zen Baby got a Secret Santa gift. Unfortunately, the generous person (people?) had no clue that a dishonest person had previously bought and returned the gift. This kind person bought a gift that, once opened we discovered, was used. It was missing pieces, the stickers were already added, and one piece was actually broken. Seriously people, be cool. Don’t return stuff broken and then NOT tell the store!

Zen is 2.5 years old, for those who have lost count. He was disappointed he couldn’t play with his toy. “But WHY, Momma? I want to play!”
Two year old toddlers aren’t always reasonable. I tried telling him it was broken and I was working on getting him a new one.


Here is a recent picture of Zen. He is getting so big! 


I tried to figure out where the toy came from. I still am not sure.
Zen just kept pointing to the box and asking hopefully “I play with that?”
I felt so badly.

During one of my Goggle searches for the mystery toy I discovered Kohl’s has something similar enough that Zen would love. Even better, the item was on clearance. Top it off with the fact I have had Kohl’s Merchandise Credit sitting in my wallet for some time now and nothing important to spend it on.

Off to Kohl’s I went. I quickly found the toy. It was originally priced at $69.99. The website had it listed at $28 (for those wondering, it isn’t on the website anymore. My guess is they sold out).
The store had a clearance sticker price on it for $34.99. I went to the register and hopefully asked if they price match to their site. For the record, they do not. Darn. Oh well.


Original price and clearance sticker price. 

The cashier rang it up and it came up at $27.99! One penny cheaper than online! Yay! Yes, a penny matters to me and I was thrilled! I also had a coupon for 15% off. This took $4.20 off the sale price. My total, after tax, was $25.60. Not bad considering retail value is $69.99. However, I was not done. I still had my Merchandise Credit to use. That took an additional $22.25 off my total. Out of pocket I paid an amazing $3.35! Can you believe that?


Zen doesn’t have the original toy, but he has a pretty awesome substitute and he is thrilled with it! So what did I buy? I got him the Vtech Go!Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset. The set we got is a Kohl’s exclusive and included an extra 15 pieces of track! Here it is:


Pretty cool! Especially since I paid a whopping $3.35 for it! I am going to write another post about putting it together (I grumbled a lot more than I thought I would) and reviewing it. No, I am not being compensated in any way. I just want to review it on my own accord for those who are interested in it. You can get this set, without the extra 15 pieces, at other stores. It looks like the smaller set retails for $59.99, but a quick Google search tells me all the big stores also have this on post-holiday clearance!

Zen knows this is not really from me. It is a special gift from a Secret Santa; someone with a kind and generous heart who just wanted to put a smile on my baby’s face. That person is amazing and we send them our thanks and love.


4 thoughts on “A Surprise Gift

  1. Hi! I’ve read a couple of your posts that gave gotten picked up by HuffPost or Scary Mommy. I just found your blog this evening and read through all your entries. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your family – I can definitely personally relate to many of your struggles the last few years. It looks like 2015 was a busy year for you and your family – I hope it was a better year! I was curious if your husband’s new job worked out like you both hoped? You really just have the most beautiful family and I pray everything is working out.

    Happy New Year!


  2. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. Currently going threw a dark time in our lives and the struggle has taken a tremendous toll on me emotionally, spiritually, and to a point it’s seeping into my daily family life. I try and keep up the hope everything will work out and know deep down it will. All the what ifs have been killing me and reading threw your blog has given me hope. Thank you. Truly, I am so greatful.

  3. Andrea – just found your blog and it’s been wonderful reading / company during these last few hours of my insomnia 😉
    There’s a big gap from the exciting new job post (February I think?) until now…..is it working out? I pray it is turning out to be all you were cautiously optimistic about.
    Thank you again…..it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your beautiful family through your writings. Oh and I have celiacs disease and my little one is SPD and on the spectrum; just love life’s curve balls 🙂 God bless and a healthy 2016!

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