Morning Madness

It is not even 8:30 and I need a do-over. I am trying to get the kids ready for their yearly physicals and it is sleeting and snowing at the same time. Really? Well, OK Mother Nature must be in quite the mood. I have 4 wheel drive though so I will manage.

Well, maybe not. Bug just dumped the pancake mix all over the counter, and between the counter and fridge. Princess spilled the coconut milk on the table. Zen decided he is a big boy and can pour his own cereal. The entire 32 ounce box into a baby bowl and the bowl was on the floor. It is a race between me and Sunny Day on who can get to the cereal first. I win, thank goodness, and she gets put away so we can clean. I sit on the floor and start picking up the cereal and Bug trips and dumps his dustpan of pancake mix and crumbs onto my head. I had already showered.

So I walked away. Sometimes we just need to. Sometimes we need to step back and breathe; in my case I write.

It will be OK. My kids are amazing and funny and do not usually dump things on my head. It could be worse. I know this way too well. So, I will breathe and move forward.



4 thoughts on “Morning Madness

  1. What a way to start the day! Sometimes it is best to just walk away for awhile. May pancake mix not rain on your head too often.
    I read your post, letter to the woman behind me in the grocery store. I was so moved not only by her, but by your whole family’s response to her. You have raised wonderful, dear children and things are going to be ok. May you receive many blessings every day.

  2. Hi Andrea! You are good mom and handled all very well. I have only one and can’t even imagine what I would have done. I read your story via a different website more than a year ago, and keep coming back to check on you and hope you are fine. I wish all the best to your family.

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