Big Life Changes

*UPDATE* This opportunity didn’t work out for many reasons and Mark decided to move on to a different job. He is happily employed at a large, widely known company whose main operations are local. Thank you for continued prayers and support as we journey through life! 

I have been holding on to a piece of information for over 2 weeks. While some suspect the secret, or even sort of know what it is, only some people are in on the details of this secret. These people are so close to me. They have been a constant support during both good and bad times. These people are not fair weather friends. These people are hard core “walk through the hurricane holding our hands” kind of friends. They have our trust and know our secret. The time has come for me to let the rest of the world in on this news.

So what is this information that I hold? It involves my entire family but mostly it is about my husband.
**Drum roll**

Mark accepted a new position with a different company! I will not give details about who he will be working for because I feel that would not be beneficial to him. I will say that it is a better job. It doesn’t bring us back to where we were, not really even close, but it is a very positive step forward and upward with potential for growth and a future. It is a new career path that will use past skills in a new way. He will be challenged; something he is very excited about. He is a very smart guy so the challenge is welcome.

A tid bit from his letter accepting his new job.

A tid bit from his letter accepting his new job.

I am very excited. I am also cautiously optimistic. I have been burned too many times over the past year and a half to be full fledged optimistic. What makes me most excited is this run down:

~In all the years I have known Mark he has always worked an unusual schedule. It was unpredictable and ever changing.
This job is a 5 day a week job without constant changes. I know what to expect.
~In all the years I have known Mark 40 hours a week was a pipe dream. 60 was the norm and often more than that. Even now he works 45 so that we can pay bills (minimum wage is NOT livable income for a family).
This is a 40 hour a week job. Period.
~He has never had weekends off.
He will have weekends off, except every other Saturday will be a half day, but those weeks he gets a half day during the week. This is huge for us and really exciting as we have swim meets, martial arts tournaments, boy scout events, volunteer hours, and church on the weekends. He can finally be a part of it all.
~He has always had to sacrifice family time for his job.
He no longer has to sacrifice family time for his job.

We are so excited but I would be lying if I said there wasn’t some fear. I so desperately want this to be everything we are hoping for it to be. On paper it sounds and looks perfect. Will the reality be the same? I sure hope so. I really feel like Mark deserves it. He is a hard worker. He is a fast learner. He is a likable guy. He is loyal. If hard work alone indicated wealth he would be a millionaire easily. Too bad that isn’t always the case.

So we are embarking on a new journey. Pray and hope for us please, especially for Mark! Thank you to everyone who has been there for us. Most of you don’t know us, but you have helped us. Kind words, support, love, and friendships. You have let me see glimmers of who you are. One kind word has meant a thousand to us. You are not forgotten to us. We pray for all of you and value your lives. Thank you for sticking by us. We are not out of the woods but we can see the sun. The darkest depths seem to be behind us. I hope you stick around and watch all of this unfold.


Peace and love

**Mark is into his first week. He is learning a lot and very busy. YAY!


8 thoughts on “Big Life Changes

  1. Congratulations!!! As a wife, I know exactly what you mean. I am praying for your beautiful family. It will all work out! Great Success, TJ ❤

  2. Congratulations!! My son recently received the same news. Now he can spend more time his family. I know this means a lot to you and your whole family. God has a reason for our changes in life. Sometimes we don’t realize it until something like this happens. Prayers for the new chapter.

    • Thanks Rene, funnily enough the job was a big mistake. The company was not what we thought (were told) it would be. He is onto a new endeavor and praying it means he can work his way back out of this crazy hole we are in 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I wish it turns to be what you think it is and let it be a start of something new. I am someone you don’t know and not a constant follower of your blog, but I was touched by your Grocery store incident and back then it brought me to your blog. Since then I search for that post and come to your page every now and then to learn how you are doing. All the best!

    • I have taken a break to enjoy the craziness of life, but I plan to write more soon! Mark left this job as it was NOT what was promised. He is somewhere much more positive with a decent potential to perhaps move up. The new company is extremely reputable and so far Mark loves it, not to mention his schedule is totally awesome!

  4. Love to you and much blessings to the whole family. I pray his job surpasses your desire and you accomplish your innermost longings. Really enjoy reading the updates on your beautiful family. Gratitude is infectious.

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