Conversations With Princess

Princess says “me” instead of “I” when talking. I never really felt the need to correct her because I figured she would hear us talking correctly and she would pick up on it. As her fifth birthday approached, and she was still talking in her endearing baby talk, I realized I needed to start correcting her. Every time she says “me” instead of “I” I repeat the sentence correctly. Most of the time she will repeat it back to me correctly. I never told her to repeat after me, she just does it. I count it as a win and pray it sticks.

This morning was another example that her baby talk is still habit, however it had me in fits of laughter.

Princess: “Me hungry but me don’t know what me want.”
Me: “I am hungry and I don’t know what I want.”

Without missing a beat, sly grin and twinkle in the eye she replied,”You already ate.”


Oh boy! I am raising a girl of wit! She wins this round. I concede. We will try again later. For now I will make her some millet and then send her outside to play.



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