Jan Brett Visits

My name is Andrea and I am a children’s book addict.

I absolutely love children’s books. When I was teaching preschool I was always ordering the latest and greatest books by my favorite children’s authors. Eric Carle, Jan Brett, Bill Martin Jr, Kate DiCamillo, Jane O’Connor…there are too many to name them all.

I have quite the collection. This has proven to be a good thing since I now have 5 kids.
You can imagine my joy when I learned Jan Brett would be in Springfield, MO promoting her newest book, The Animals’ Santa.

Jan Brett's tour bus

Jan Brett’s tour bus

The Animals’ Santa is as fantastically illustrated and written as all her other books. In the story Little Snowshoe wonders “Who is the Animals’ Santa?” He goes through the list of possibilities before finally learning who it is. The magic behind it is captivating and this is definitely a “must” on any Christmas reading list and is sure to become a classic.

Friday December 5 I loaded up the kids, hauled them to the library and stood in complete happiness as we listened to Jan Brett talk. She even brought a fluffy little friend who garnered many “Awwwwws” from the audience. She showed the kids how to draw Little Snowshoe and offered helpful hints, such as focus on the eyes when drawing and what her favorite markers are. She then sat for hours signing books for all of us crazy fans.

Not the best quality, as I was toward the back.

Not the best quality, as I was toward the back.

It isn’t every day one gets to meet one of their favorite authors. I am thrilled we had this opportunity. This is definitely a memory they won’t forget.


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