Down and Out

October proved to be a rotten month in regard to my health. I caught some weird respiratory virus that took forever to completely get over. It actually landed me in bed for 3 solid days; not something I ever do. Once the hacking was over I was still overly tired. I spent my spare moments resting.
I didn’t have many spare moments though. I still had 5 kids to care for, school to teach, activities to get them to, and I was in charge of the popcorn sales for my eldest’s scout troop.
I welcomed November. I felt so much better, but I now had a heck of a lot to catch up on. The little things that can be overlooked when you are sick had to be dealt with. I had papers to correct, a house to get back into running order, and lots of correspondence to catch up with. I am still working on the latter.
We are now into December and I feel like I am finally back to myself. Life is busy, but we are healthy and happy.
I am hoping to spend the next week or so catching up on all the stories I wanted to share but was too tired to.
Einstein quote
Have a blessed weekend!


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