The Haircut

I have been meaning to write about this since the day it happened. I keep putting it off because I wanted Princess to feel a bit better about the really bad decision she made.

On August 21 we were all in the homeschool room. As I was walking over to Bug to help him with a math problem I noticed there was hair on the floor. There are 3 girls in the house and we all have long hair. I assumed someone had brushed their hair and left behind a mess. I bent over to pick it up…

“Oh my! Who cut their hair?”


I knew the answer before I finished the question as all eyes, except one pair, looked up at me surprised. Princess put her head down and covered her eyes with her hands.

“May I see?”
She slowly crept toward me.
“Oh really did a number, didn’t you.” I asked softly.

Princess proceeded to wail. Forget crying this was all out wailing. The best part is it was complete with singing.
“Me hair! Me miss me hair! Me cut me hair and I want it baaaaacccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!”

Yes, Princess deals with her feelings through song. She sings when she is happy, bored, sad, angry.
“Me happy! I singing to you because me happy!”
“Stop you crying Baby Zen. Stop you crying because I love you! Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. Stop you crying Baby Zen!”
“Me mad at Mommy! Me mad at Mommy! She is unfair to me! She no like me!”

Yes, these are all lyrics she has sang. It is amusing. I love it. It helps her figure out what she is feeling and it is so much better than a temper tantrum; which she is also prone to.

Anyway, back to the hair.

Princess ran to my bed and climbed into Daddy’s side. She got under the covers and hid. I wasn’t mad so I knew this was “buyer’s remorse” that I was dealing with. I had the job of convincing her it wasn’t that bad.

I didn’t succeed.

I told her it would grow back. I told her it wasn’t that big of a deal. That was wrong! It just made her more upset because to her it WAS a big deal. Her precious locks were gone and she had no one to blame but herself. That is a lot of feelings for a 4 year old to deal with.

I refused to “fix” the hair cut because, frankly, it would just make it worse. So I have watched her hair grow back slowly. Once it is long enough I will straighten it out. It will be a few more weeks before I try that.


So did Princess learn a lesson? Of course not. A few days later I looked at Zen and saw he got his first hair cut and I didn’t have his hair to save for his baby book because it was an unauthorized trim :/ I did straighten his out. I had to. It would have looked quite odd with one random long hair down his forehead.

I was upset, not because his hair was cut, but because I didn’t get to save it. I was also upset that I didn’t learn a lesson and hide the scissors better.

Needless to say they are far, far, far from Princess’s reach now.

Kids make bad decisions. Heck, adults make bad decisions. I am not angry. Princess was curious and she learned a lesson. OK, so the lesson didn’t stick 100%, but she at least learned that her hair should only be cut by a grown up. I count that as a win.

2 thoughts on “The Haircut

  1. My sister cut my hair when she was 4 and I was 2 She very carefully put all the cuttings in an empty tissue box. Feeling happy that she had not made a mess she was very confused by our mothers less than enthusiastic reaction. The pictures hat year are quite funny. I am in my 50s and it is now family legend!
    Sounds like you handlers it very well.

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