The alarm didn’t go off so we woke up 5 minutes before Mark had to leave for work. This never happens. Although now we can no longer say that.

Zen is fighting a cold so our sleep has been disrupted with snorting, snoring, and snotting. We are tired.

“Great another day with no food” My husband grumbles as he gets ready for a quick shave.

We are low on food and although we still have a bit of money from our budget it isn’t a lot so I am making everyone eat what we have in the pantry and freezer before I splurge on a trip to the store.

We normally don’t cut it quite this close in our budget but we had an unexpected expense we hadn’t accounted for; swim team suits, shirts, and caps. If I had been better prepared I would have successfully budgeted that money from 2 different paychecks instead of one. Anyway…

I run upstairs, without my glasses on and no contacts in, I am not blind without these, but everything is blurred and I have to squint a bit.

I throw random food into a shopping bag; gluten free crackers, granola bar, fruit bar, random frozen soft pretzel (score!), poptarts (a random and gross leftover from one of Bug’s camp-outs with the scouts).

“Well it isn’t much but I threw some things in this bag for you.”
I can’t remember what his exact reply was, but I am pretty sure it was, “Ah! You rock! You are the best, most sensational, astounding, awesome, fantastic wife ever. I pity all who can’t be married to you.”
Of course it may have just been “Thanks” but I can’t be sure. πŸ˜‰

Mark kisses everyone, says good bye, and heads out. I pop in my contacts, brush my teeth and head back upstairs to make coffee.


3 thoughts on “Morning

  1. I love following your stories. You have a perspective that is such an amazing gift. Many times, especially around the holidays, I think about throwing together a package of random fun stuff for your kids to enjoy. Can you please share an address with me so I can do this when the idea pops into my head? You can send it directly to my email if you don’t want it public πŸ™‚

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