Parent-Child Dates

It is very easy for a child to get “lost” in the chaos of 4 siblings to “compete” with. We try very hard to have alone time with each child. This isn’t always easy. We participate in their activities, I teach each one (well, except Zen) to cook a new dish at least once a week, we play games (C-Dog loves playing RISK with Daddy), and we take them on “dates.”
Sometimes all it takes is a trip to the store to pick up something for dinner or a walk around the block and the child feels special. Other times the child needs a bit more.
This is when we bring them to the playground, movie, zoo, etc. Today it is Elf’s turn. She was needing a bit of “Daddy time” so they put on their raincoats and headed into the city! They are enjoying the zoo today.

If you have children in your life what do you do to help them feel like an individual and special? Please share with me!
How cute is she??? Ah! I really love this picture ❤

2 thoughts on “Parent-Child Dates

  1. We only have one child, but Daddy is away a lot so it is important to son to have time with him. It became a tradition many years ago for them to go to Sainsbury’s for breakfast on a Saturday so I could get a much needed extra sleep. Sometimes if grandparents are here they may join them. I heard son whisper to Daddy last time, “Let’s go to Sainsbury’s really early tomorrow, so they don’t know we’ve gone and it is just us two.” I guess the ‘just the two of them’ time has become something really special to him.

    Son and I snuggle up in bed on a holiday morning and play on Daddy’s IPad – there are a couple of games that we are both enjoying a lot (especially ‘Escape’ kind of games) and we have deep conversations about them that only us two really understand.

  2. I have 3 kids – 12,14, and 17. I find that there are times that one-on-one just happens between me (or my husband) and them. It could be a car ride, a lunch where everyone else is busy or just helping me do errands. Your kids will also seek you or your husband when they need you. Your instincts will tell you to give them their individual time. I know a lot of parents who make this date time with their children individually. That seems to be more for the parent than the child. You’ll know when they need you. In the meantime, they will be happy to be part of a wonderful family with their siblings and parents who love them.

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