How to Get Rid of Hard Water Build-Up

I love Pintrest. One (meaning my husband) might say I am addicted. It is OK though because I actually use many of the things I pin. I try recipes and crafts, but mostly I use the homeschool pins. 

There is one pin that makes its rounds quite frequently in my Pintrest “newsfeed.” It is “cleaning a shower head with vinegar.” A quick search on Pintrest brings up this. There are several versions of the method. Some use only vinegar. Others add baking soda or dish soap. I have been eyeing this method for awhile and I finally decided I needed to try it. I really try not to use chemicals in my home. We use “green” cleaners and so vinegar is a staple. 

When I finally decided to try this I opted for the easiest method. Plain vinegar. I also decided to try it on my kitchen sink sprayer since it wasn’t spraying well. I filled a glass with vinegar, plopped the sprayer in, and walked away. It was soaking for about 3 hours while the kids and I were doing school work.
When we were done with school I took an old toothbrush and gently scrubbed the surface. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. 
If you have hard water and mineral deposit build-up use a vinegar soak and it will virtually melt-away! 
Here are the pictures of my experience. 


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