Life Update

I am in Alabama at my parent’s house and it is a hot mess. 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 kids, a frazzled mom trying to keep the peace, and a dad with high blood pressure that he brings upon himself. I am at wits end! I was about ready to pack and leave 2 nights ago. Things have calmed since then, but the stress is still lingering under the surface.

Mark is still in MO and the home-hunt is a royal mess. Rent is too high, the area is too dangerous, the place is already rented despite the ad just coming out, the house is not livable (how can they legally rent that??), the landlord doesn’t show up to show the house…..

We are frustrated and about ready to throw our hands in the air and sell every last item and move to a tropical island and raise a herd of beach bums.

However, the children bring joy and we are still surrounded by friends and family and even strangers helping us out. I am not sure where we would be without our community of support!

Here are some awesome things going on:
Zen now says lots of words!
He can say banana and up. If you call for him he says “Here I am!” and if you call for anyone else he asks “Where are you?!?!” The other day he picked up the phone and said “Hi daddy!” He is quite the hot ticket!
Santa stopped at Mark’s work and left a candy cane for Elf because she is his favorite elf. When I told Elf about this she replied “i just saw Santa last night and he didn’t tell me he would see Daddy! It must of been a surprise! He is sneaky!”
How cute is she? ❤ Princess has bonded with her grandma and enjoys watching my mom and I in the sewing room. Bug and C-Dog are anxiously waiting to ride Papa’s tractor. The kids are running in the woods for epic games of hide and seek. They are free range here because there is only one other house on this road. They fall asleep happily exhausted. This is what summers are about!

So despite the wretchedness of homelessness there are many positive memories being stored up.
For your enjoyment here is one…I filled a random container with water for Zen to play in on the porch. He had a blast!

So, for those who pray, please pray we find an answer to no home. For those who don’t pray we appreciate and treasure all positivity you send our way!

I don’t have much internet access here so I will try to write more as soon as I can!

Peace and love to you all!

27 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. And I bet the kids are loving being at their grandparents’. Good luck with finding something that works for you, and I pray that you find peace where you currently are.

  2. I feel you on looking for a place. The rent here is also high. All the places I’ve looked at in the past month are either not worth it or totally lovely but far too expensive. My fiance and I finally found one but I was unable to negotiate with my current landlord and will have to pay rent on both apartments for at least one month. It’s definitely hard to find a nice place. I will pray that you find something soon.

  3. I truly hope that it all gets easier for you, I am a mom with four kids and I can only imagine how tough this time has been for you. Much love from across the world in Africa!

  4. Andrea, I read the article about the grocery store on Huffington and was really touched. So many people would have been so cruel, but there ARE people out there who do have a heart, as you found to be true.

    Life has changed for me and my family as well, but we managed to make it through. A little different for us is drastically different than what you and your family are experiencing though. However I DO understand … I am a homebuilder, and a lot of my subcontractors have had it very rough while we were all without work. My nest egg was larger than theirs, and we were able to last out the storm better than a lot of those guys. The market is back here in SC, but it is a different way of life now compared to pre-2008. We are smarter now, financially.

    Anyway, I was hoping to find a way to post a picture here but couldn’t so I’m just going to tell you … Have you considered (and I know your family is large) but have you considered finding a way to build a tiny house on wheels? Go to and look at those. Of course their houses are way expensive, but if you look through their blog you will find stories about people who built simple and were able to make it affordable enough to make it happen. The internet is FULL of tiny house alternatives. I myself am building one with my dad for a showroom for our company, building these houses. But one of my dreams is to create a community of these homes (the least expensive, but nice enough for shelter and to call “HOME”) for people who are homeless out of circumstance, who are just trying to get over that hill and are having a tough time doing it. It will be a transitional housing community for individuals and families, those who want to improve their lives but need help. There are lots of ways to do this, but volunteer labor and donated materials is the way that I am going. The project is called, “Human.”

    I will pray for you and your family, that God places a hand on your lives and leads you to a life that eases your minds, satisfies your heart, and rests your souls. Take care and hang in there. Yes, people like US are out there and WE care. M.

    (PS. Don’t forget to look at the tinys. Mine is not on my website yet; I’ve been working on the new website all this week, but still a lot to do before it publishes and overwrites the old site that is up for now. My tiny will be on there as I finish it up. Making it’s debut in September! Best, M)

  5. Are you looking in Missouri near Springfield? I know of a ministry that is in the Lebanon area, maybe they could help?

  6. Where in MO do you call home? I grew up part in Kansas City and have family there. I didn’t realize MO had also gotten so expensive. Best of luck to find the right place so your family can be reunited!

  7. On a wing and a prayer our family relocated to Texas from PA last summer, and I feel your pain on the house hunt, though we were blessed with wonderfully generous and hospitable parents/in-laws during our search. The levels of cray-cray we moved through in order to arrive where we are now (some of our bizarre experiences actually caused our seasoned, award-winning Realtor to change his home-showing policies) make me thank God for our house that we found just in the nick of time, even as we wrestle now with a large, not-to-be-named home improvement company over the desperately needed replacement door that still hasn’t been installed though we paid for it last month and will be holding our financial breath as a result for the rest of the summer. Roof over head = blessing. So, with all of us on here praying for you, that blessing should soon be all y’alls’, as they say down here. 🙂 Keep up the real, honest, good news-sharing, please!

  8. I’ve only read a couple of your entries but you are truly inspiring. I live in MO too! I pray that everything works out for you, and you find peace.

  9. Thinking of you and hoping that you have found a place and are all reunited as a family with your husband! Please update and let us know how you are doing! Lots of prayers your way!

      • It took quite awhile to settle in but we have a home that we are renting and we are all together again ❤ Your prayers and well wishes mean more than anything. You have no idea how much they lift us up. thank y'all!

  10. I know all to well what it’s like to live with folks who aren’t used to having kids around 24/7. I also know what it’s like to use SNAP and to be exhausted with life as it was. Things do get better and your attitude makes a huge difference. I know it’s tough but I believe good things are coming for you !!

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