Memorial Day

Memorial Day. The day our country honors and remembers those brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives while serving our country. We, Mark and I, do not personally know anyone who died serving. We do, however, know people who have lost loved ones. There are also plenty of veterans in my family and numerous relatives and friends currently serve our great country.

Last year my kids had the opportunity, along with other children, to decorate the graves with flags of the brave souls who are buried in Springfield MO. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and American Heritage Girls, along with their siblings, ran through the cemetery making sure not one soldier was missed. It was touching to see so many children take pride in honoring those who have fought to keep our country free.
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The Sunday before Mark left we decided  to spend it outside and simply enjoy each other’s company. For those who do not know, Mark took a job in another state. Until he finds a place for us to live we are separated by distance.

While we were walking along the beautiful Ohio River front we happened upon 4 pillars. I feel Evansville does a magnificent job at honoring veterans. They have numerous memorials along the river. It was the pillars that I found most beautiful. Four simple pillars with 4 simple phrases.
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom From Fear, Freedom From Oppression
Four very powerful ideologies that our country is founded on. People literally give their lives so we can have these as a reality.

There are countries where women and children live in fear, where men are stoned to death for their beliefs, where people are jailed for voicing their views, where people take their authority to a cruel level and stamp down the people.

We are far from a perfect country, but we are lucky. We are lucky to have men and women willing to sacrifice so that we can continue to have these freedoms. So today I reflect on, not what is wrong with our country, but on what is right with our country. I reflect on those people who have given their lives (and those serving) so I can sit here today and type this out with freedom and without fear.
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3 thoughts on “Memorial Day

    • I agree and that is why I am very active in my local politics. I call my senator and representative and I vote according to who deserves the job and not based on party lines and who is “popular.”
      I hate it when people say “what is the point of voting” The point is keeping government in check and having a voice!

  1. You lived In Springfield? I live in Branson, MO. Did you want to come back to this area? My husband runs a resort here. What kind of work can your hubby do? Has he ever done sales? Just a thought. If you are interested let me know!

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