The Surprise

I woke up with a man in my bed….

It all started when I put the kids to bed in the tent as a treat. That meant I was alone in my room with just Zen. All of the kids had been camping out in my room with me, but I set the tent up in the boys’ room because it is essentially empty so there was room for it. I left the house door unlocked, something I never do.

I did this because I desperately wanted the kids to stay asleep. I needed them to stay asleep.

Then around 1:30 AM a man came into my house. No worries it was Mark 😉 He and I pulled off the greatest surprise yet. His boss gave him 3 days in a row off so after work on Saturday he hopped into his car and came east to see us. I put the kids in the tent as a treat, but little did they know it was a distraction. Ah, sometimes I can be quite brilliant.

The kids had no clue! This morning was the air was filled with delighted squeals of “Daaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”

So this weekend I will be moving all our furniture into the garage with help from my right-hand man. We will savor the minutes until he leaves for MO. Then I will pack up the kids and head south…..Hm, I suppose I should really consider calling my dad and telling him I am coming for a visit 😉

I pray y’all have a blessed weekend and remember that this holiday is brought to you by the lives of the men and women who served our country. They deserve our honor and respect.

The tent set up for the kids to "camp" in.

The tent set up for the kids to “camp” in.


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