Wild Rumpus Bedtime

The sun is setting and the twilight sounds are getting louder. The frog that lives in the back yard is croaking his evening song. The evening insects buzz about and chirp happily.

The smell of the day has changed. How does day and twilight smell different? They simply do, just as twilight and night do and night and dawn….

There is the distant sound of the last lawn mower finishing up its job before dark settles in.

A mom is telling her children to get in their jammies. She gathers up the chubby baby and carries him to her room so she can change him and put him in his night gown.
He giggles merrily as she coos at him.

Then quite suddenly there is a rumpus. A wild rumpus. The mother looks up startled and the baby’s peels of laughter quiet as they listen to the sounds of the wild rumpus.

Have they been transported into the magical world created by Maurice Sendak??

Have they entered into the place where the wild things are?

This mother and baby, they do not recall sailing through days and weeks and months and years, but yet they hear the sounds that can only be from that magical land…..


“What is going on out there?” the mother asks.
“Slipper skating!” replies the wiliest of the kids.

“Slipper what??” the mother asks the baby in a perplexed tone who looks at her and say “gggllleeeebrrrbump”

Mother gathers Baby and she treads cautiously out to the kitchen where she sees 4 children zipping and zooming around the kitchen island. If she looks hard enough she can see the island of the Wild Things.

Their wild tangled hair, their terrible eyes and gnashing teeth. Their terrible claws. But then she says

“SILENCE!” (OK, she really says “What on earth would make you think I would ever let y’all do this?” but “SILENCE” seems so much more powerful and that is what she wished she had said)

They are frozen in position. Scared to make one false move as Mother, Queen of the Wild Things, stares them down. No one blinks. 4 sets of eyes remain on her as she, unbeknownst to them, is trying terribly hard to not crack a smile.

“We do not slipper skate in this house. It is time to settle down. Sail through the years, months, weeks, and days. It is time to leave the wild things (AKA slipper skating) behind and say our good nights.”



one of the pairs of offending slippers from the now infamous Slipper Skating Incident of 2014


3 thoughts on “Wild Rumpus Bedtime

  1. Sad to say, I have a wonderful pair of flip flops that allow me to “skate” on certain floors. Usually grocery stores or wal-mart. Much to the consternation…and embarrassment of my kids. Haha. But what fun!

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