The View

Below are 2 images. They show the view from our kitchen window. We have been so blessed here we want to remember all the good things that have happened; like this temporary house we were allowed to stay in while homeless. We are making a small Indiana scrapbook and we need to decide which version makes it into the book! Help us decide! Which do you like better??


Picture A


Picture B



15 thoughts on “The View

  1. Definitely Picture B. It shows how high the sky and how long the lawn, all blessed with sunshine. The photoshopped image is foreboding.

  2. I like B, it is more bright and cheery. Although A could represent the sort of emotion that living in IN has been. Hope in the midst of darkness.

  3. I love Both! First thing that popped into my mind is the song..How He Loves Us. One of the trees in the picture is bent. The lyrics go…He is jealous for ME. Loves like a hurricane , I am a tree bending beneath the weight of His Love and Mercy. …Oh How He Loves Us. This song speaks of Gods unfathomable love for us…For You. After hearing that song ( look it up on youtube) I will never see trees the same way. That picture you took is evidence of hope.
    So glad to have found your blog. What a precious jewel You Are!!!

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