This moment brought to you by “Awwwww!”

We went to Nashville for a day trip. We had a picnic lunch in front of the Parthenon. Overall, it was a glorious day. Here are my husband, Zen, and Princess


6 thoughts on “This moment brought to you by “Awwwww!”

  1. So happy to see your trust in Heavenly Father has been rewarded!

    Just curious, do you consider yourself quiverfull?

    • Yes and no. We very much see children as a blessing from God, just like the quiverfull movement. However, we do take natural precautions so I do not get pregnant. We do not believe in sterilization because of scientific research we have studied regarding potential side effects. I had, at the beginning of our marriage, taken hormone birth control pills only to develop blood clots. This is what spawned the research. This is why we opt for a natural approach to preventing untimely pregnancies. All but one child was very specifically planned. The one that wasn’t planned was because we were a bit reckless 😉 Honestly, that child is so loved and we are so glad we had been a bit lax in trying to prevent pregnancy. For each child we had we were always in a place where we could afford them. Right now we aren’t so I am very, very careful. I track everything, including my emotions. This has worked successfully for us because my body is predictable and consistent.

      I have shared an awful lot. I hope you don’t find it to be too much information 🙂

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