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I had a few friends ask me if I would be willing to do a Q & A blog. Well here it is!  This is your chance to ask me anything you want to know about me! I may or may not answer depending on if I feel it infringes on the privacy level I am trying to maintain for my children. I commit myself to answering as many as possible and I promise to be completely honest. Comment below with your questions and be on the look out for the follow-up blog with all the answers! 
Until then, have a happy day and enjoy this picture I took while visiting my cousin in Florida.


Ahhhhhh. Sunny, sunny sunshine!

14 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Were you raised in a faith filled home? If not, how did you find your faith? How do you incorporate teaching your kiddos?And finally, what’s the biggest area of your life that your faith has impacted? (Ok I know that’s more than one)

  2. Could you please share a go-to, quick dinner recipe that you turn to on nights that you don’t have much time to pull something together? Also, could you talk more about how you keep to the AMAZINGLY low food budget you and I’ve discussed before? I continually go over ours by ALOT, and I need all the tips I can get! 🙂 thanks, lady!

    • Connect as soon as you can. I found connections on FB through homeschool blogs. I actually “met” people before I moved here and one of those people was instrumental in setting my family up with a gentleman who has helped care for us during this time.
      Churches need to reach out to new families. Get to know them. Include them. Old churches need to not forget those that have moved away. I have been so blessed that our home church has not forgotten us and in fact miss us a lot! We have also had several churches in this area reach out to us. They are true testaments to Christ-like behavior and attitude.

  3. Andrea, I was a single mom and struggled to make ends meet without child support from my ex-husband. I understand all too well how hard things, even just the simplest things, can be challenging when you are strapped for cash. The one thing I hated was not being able to buy birthday gifts for my kids. Food was much more important, and I always felt my kids were missing out on being “normal” with a store-bought card and a gift. In the Pay-It-Forward mindset, if you will send me your child’s names and birthdates (first names and month/day is fine). I will send them each one birthday card and put something special in it for them (cash). I will put my contact info in the boxes below and I do hope you take me up on this. I owe so many people that helped me through some of toughest times of my life. God bless you!!

    • I want to do the same, I have three children who will very much enjoy shopping for yours!!!! (RS is my 12yo boy,KS is 10yo boy and PS is 5yo girl)
      Give me a little info with their initials (male/female and age) and we will send something for Easter
      I know you think your baby’s are burdened with adult stresses but they are learning very early what most adults never learn and that’s how GOD always provides and loves us, He uses it ALL for our good….rest in His promises!!!!!

      • Kristen you are too sweet ❤ Their info is in the ABOUT section but here is a "cheat sheet"
        7-Girl (tom-boy)
        4-Girl (girly-girl)
        1 (nearly)-Boy
        Their alter ego names are Bug, C-Dog, Elf, Princess, and Zen

        I do know Bug feels much anxiety over all of this. Thankfully he is willing to open up to us about it so we keep pointing him to God's peace. We never tell him to not worry, but we offer suggestions to help him through it all.

        Again, thank you

  4. Contact Sherry Mers, AngelServiceDogs in Monument Colorado! She is NO stranger to any and ALL of these genetic and nongenetic maladies. One never know when the PERFECT assistant will save your childs life, by scent alone. I know YOU get it! Sherry is AMAZING. Tell her Joanne sent you.

  5. Hi, found about you through Yahoo…the grocery story. My husband and
    I have 3 kids…we too lost a nice middle class lifestyle. We currently share one bedroom in my mothers home and also food stamps, my husband cannot find work in his career and took a part-time job at a grocery store.

    Reading your story gives me hope for humanity. So many people assume and judge…nobody knows what any of us is suffering through.

    Thank you for letting the world know one of the many faces of struggling Americans today, many of us with degrees, with years of job experience, with the desire to be financially stable and independent, not on assistance. The American Dream is elusive…hope is not.

    • Thank you for sharing with me. I hate that you understand what I am going through and pray that your husband finds the perfect job soon. Peace to you. We will all make it through one day at a a time! Don’t give up!

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