Are Y’all Excited??

Here is the sneak peek of the promised new blog! It is sad to see the other blog retire, but this one holds the promise of me actually writing weekly! The other failed because it was never easy to actually post. I am optimistic about WordPress. I am going to start with posts about my past so that everyone will know how I got here. I know several of my friends keep asking for the whole story about our Indiana move. I think it is fun to learn about people and I hope that you find enjoyment reading about my life journey from an east coast Yankee to a Midwest gal. I promise to include stories about our journey with special needs, food allergies, homeschooling, and so much more! I will also post personal reviews on items I totally love and even ones I really can’t stand because I don’t want y’all to make the same mistakes I made! I also would love to know what you want to see me write about! I may or may not listen *wink* The fun is in the suspense. Till next time!
Peace, joy, love

11 thoughts on “Are Y’all Excited??

  1. Hi I just saw your letter to the lady behind you who paid your groceries. It is such a powerful story . I don’t know if your family has found work now but please take a look at my website – I can help you to create financial independence again . Please get in touch toni xx

  2. I saw your “Grocery Store” story on Yahoo News. I like your blog, it is simplistic but well done. I am thinking of starting my own blog and wanted to start checking out the blogs of others.
    Be well, happy and peaceful

  3. my name is michael ,i read all and wow blessed are you and your family,thanks you for sharing

  4. oh i didn’t know it was going to post write away or i would of said a a little more,i would love to do something for you and your wonderful family.i am so blessed to have known you and your wonderful family loves to hear about the schooling and all the great adventures you all go on.we would love for you if ever in boston area to come and stay with us please,may you continue to inspire all of us to be better us with all our hearts.=)))

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